The three-year Child Protection Policy Programme funded by Kindermissionswerk and implemented by the Catholic Education Unit (CEU) of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese is still on-going. Two (2) years into the project, the attention is zeroed in on school children/students and staff – Teaching and non-teaching at the Senior High Schools within the Diocese. This priority guided our activities of these Six (6) months – July to December 2017 report though there were other activities carried out to implement the project.

Aims and Objectives of the Project:

The aim of the project is that by the end of the project children and vulnerable adults in Catholic Schools and facilities are protected from all forms of abuse and guaranteed a secure learning environment.


This report was compiled using reports of workshops and feedback from participants of the workshops/training sessions.

  • Date of beginning the project: 4th January 2016
  • Activities implemented during the period and progress of the project.
Implemented activities Outputs achieved Remarks
Joint monitoring with the Diocesan Health sector of construction and commissioning of toilet facilities in selected basic schools. 22 sets of 4 sitter toilet facilities with urinals for boys and changing room for girls were constructed and handed over for use by beneficiary schools. This intervention served dual purposes of enhancing sanitation in these schools and creating safe environment because beneficiaries no longer had to use the bush which was very dangerous.
Community durbar at one of the health facilities.


Participated at a community durbar at Immaculate Conception clinic to raise awareness on teenage pregnancy and the need to protect our children. Most parents express their ignorance of the benefit of girl-child education and pledged to protect their children/wards
Recruitment interview for prospective teachers to some of our Basic Schools



5 of our Basic Schools that advertized and recruited new teachers had interview sessions for successful applicants and a member of the Child Protection Team was on the panel to handle questions related to ‘Safety’ of the child with each interviewee. It is now compulsory for newly recruited teachers to our schools to go through an interview and be interrogated on knowledge of the Child Safeguarding Policy. Most interviewees had an idea of the policy and pledged their willingness to live by the policy though admit the challenges therein.
Orientation for newly recruited teachers to some of our Basic Schools A one-day orientation was organised for 44 newly recruited teachers and contents of the Childcare policy was incorporated in the orientation Participants were more disposed to share their experiences and accepted the fact that its implementation will enhance teaching and learning.

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