Association of Catholic Teachers (ACT)

Whereas the catholic Teachers of the Republic of Ghana, GUIDED by the need to bring Catholic Teachers together to establish our catholic identity, in PROVIDING development, quality education, and leadership service to our Catholic Church towards building a self-Reliant and progressive community.


COGNISANT, of the need to form an effective system of governance based on the laws of the Republic of Ghana and the statutes of the Catholic Church. In the SPIRIT of solidarity and fraternity with all other organized Catholic Associations and commitment to living to teach for the sake of Christ, the Association of Catholic Teachers (ACT) was established.


  • ACT shall be committed to the teaching ministry of Christ and his Church.
  • ACT shall be a non-profit Catholic educational, Research, and developmental organization.

Aims and Objectives

  • Bring Catholic Teachers together to establish a common Catholic Identity.
  • Build a community of Catholic Teachers on the teachings of the church for an effective biblical pastoral ministry.
  • Develop Catholic Teachers to be able to continue the teachings of Christ.
  • Research into the needs of Catholic Teachers and Children
  • Provide development, education and leadership service to members of the church towards building a self-reliant community.
  • ACT shall now work directly with the Episcopal Chairman of the education of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference to promote education.