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Human Development Office: Mid-Year Review Meeting Of Directors Presentation Template

# Results Area Proposed Activity Activities Implemented Results Gaps & why Gaps
1. Catholic identity visible Catholic Week Celebration Launched and celebrated the Catholic week in grand style All parishes celebrated the Catholic week with improved innovation. Our second cycle schools didn’t make much difference.
2. Maintenance Construction and renovation CEU office and OLL JHS in Navrongo were both given facelift. Greater security and preservation of the archive. The Bishop and Coordination visited and blessed the renewed structures earlier this year Some parts of the roof leaks and still, no electricity
3. Build electronic database for the Unit Collection and documentation of  data Pupils’ enrolment, staff particulars, BECE/ WASSCE results, checking of records and Sanitation. Updated staff data and analyze BECE results of all our JHS. Graded these schools and results across the diocese with plans to award the best 4 schools at our forthcoming congress.
4. Improve quality of input and outcome Visit to our Catholic Private School Visited All our Catholic Private Schools The 7 known Catholic Private Schools within the Diocese were visited and meetings held with the individual parish priests and education team to give feedback on outcome of visit and plans to standardize these schools
5. Encourage uniformity and healthy competition amongst the schools Standardization of our Catholic Private School Synthesize results from visitation and submit a proposal on standardizing these schools to the Bishop Detailed proposal stating criteria for establishing a Catholic Private School, expanding or affiliating a Catholic public school to the Catholic Education Unit were submitted to the Bishop
6. Unearth the potentials of these schools Clinical supervision Conduct thorough clinical supervision for our Catholic Private Schools Six (6) Catholic Private Schools were evaluated and report submitted on way forward Our Lady of Hope Bunkpurugu was not evaluated due to lack of cooperation from the parish priest.

Read Full Doc: Mid-year Review Report: 2016

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